It’s not clear who said it. But a wise man once said “The Best Way To Predict The Future, Is to Create It.” That’s exactly what we’ve been doing as a species for thousands of years.

From the moment we began our march out of the plains of Africa and spread across the planet we’ve shown an incredible ability to learn, create and share.

This led us to move from Hunter Gathers to Farming communities, then came the industrial revolution and the information age.

Now… I believe we’re reaching…

The next real turning point in human history.

Our technology is on the cusp of radical transformation of both our economy and society,

Entire industries are being disrupted, our environment is changing, new exciting industries are just beginning and our lives are getting longer… and all the while I wonder are we as humans happier? are we more fulfilled? do we feel more connected or rather more alone?

When I look towards the future… the biggest question I ask myself is…

Is our future going to be constructive…

… or ultimately destructive?

and I think the answer is…

It depends

It’s up to us and what future we, as a society, CHOOSE to create

The future is coming whether we like it or not…

  • the robots are coming, in fact many of them are already here
  • Artificial intelligence is being more and more engrained into our daily lives
  • the planet is having major environmental changes whether you choose to believe they are human caused or not
  • our societies are evolving and governments are struggling to handle the new global paradigm that has emerged
  • and all the while space is becoming commercialised and the idea of humans living on other planets isn’t just a fantasy any longer

the only way we get to stay in control of what our future looks like is if we have conversations about both the exciting trends & technologies as well as the concerning issues we potentially face.

So join me here on The Future of Humanity Podcast as I interview scientists, entrepreneurs and other experts about what comes next for humanity so you can be informed and contribute to the discussions and decisions that will ultimately shape humanity for the decades and centuries to come.

My hope is that when important issues come up and you have a say in shaping how our society responds…

…that rather than be in denial of what’s happening, you can be informed, and help us all make better decisions.

Who Am I?

My name is Carl Taylor and I’m an entrepreneur, author and tech geek. I grew up with computers, teaching myself programming at the age of 10. My mother was a High School Science Teacher and my father ran his own small business.

I’ve run my own companies since I was 15 years old, not because i’m really clever but because I didn’t fit in at school, I was bullied and that drove me to pursue success.

My definition of success has changed many times over the years and in recent times I’ve wondered about the legacy I can leave.

Which brings me to a more important aspect of who I am…

… I’m a concerned citizen of earth and someone who constantly thinks about where are are, what we’re doing and the potential futures it could lead to.

Some I believe could truly be utopian, others I see the end of the world as we know it.

It really is up to us and what we choose to focus on.

What Next…

Niel DeGrasse Tyson has pointed out that today more and more people seem to be in denial of some of our most basic sciences.

There has become confusion between Facts and Beliefs…

It’s become harder to trust what we read, hear and see online.

Trust in governments, and corporations seem lower than ever.

There seems to be an ever growing divide between the have’s and the have nots.

And far too many people focus on short term gains at the expense of the long term consequences

The world is changing, and it’s changing fast.

As you read this right now the future is already being created by incredible people all around the world.

So let’s find out what they are doing, let’s learn about the problems that they are solving.

It’ll be my honour and privilege to bring into your home, car or wherever you like to tune in from some of our leading thinkers and creators talking about what they’re working on.

You know they say the best time to plant a tree was 100 years ago

The second best time is today.

Let’s start today to stay informed, to hold discussions, and to create a future that ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and many generations beyond will benefit from.

If you’re up for that then please subscribe to this Podcast on your favourite device for listening and join me as we explore The Future of Humanity. The technologies, the sciences, the ethics, the economics, and everything that will shape what’s to come.