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Latest Episodes

Season 1 Recap – Episode 14
Episode Summary In this episode, Carl looks back at the first season of Future of Humanity. From the first episode[...]
Fertility, IVF, & Designer Babies with Dr. Michael Chapman – Episode 13
Episode Summary Dr. Michael Chapman is a very successful fertility doctor, having helped over 3000 pregnancies. As Chair of the[...]
Augmented Reality Training, Detecting Microsleeps, and the Future of Health with Dr. Leila Alem – Episode 12
Episode Summary Augmented reality is becoming increasingly more common, and many wonder how we will use it. Some are hoping[...]
Blurring Lines, Entrepreneurs vs Employees, and the Future of Collaboration with James Kemp – Episode 11
Episode Summary Years ago, James Kemp decided he wanted to help aspiring entrepreneurs reach the success they saw as their[...]
Understanding Generation Z (Our Future Leaders) with Claire Madden – Episode 10
Episode Summary When we talk about the future, it is with the knowledge that in all likelihood we will not[...]